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What kind of quality control checks do you use to assure reliability through accountability?

 The gold standard for quality control in the cleaning industry is janitorial inspections. Janitorial inspections bridge the gap between a facility manager and a cleaning company. And the best Office cleaning companies not only make liberal use of janitorial inspections, they use technology like apps, software and reporting to communicate the information gleaned from janitorial inspections quickly and to the right people to adjust your service or handle an issue quickly. 

What kind of training do our employees receive?


After your Office cleaning company has hired a suitable applicant, they need to give that individual the tools they need to deliver very good service to you and your facility. This means comprehensive training designed to help cleaners consistently deliver good service. And beyond basic training, if you are in search of medical cleaning, industrial cleaning or school cleaning, your commercial janitorial services should provide their employees with training specifically geared toward your kind of facility.

Are you insured and bonded?

Yes, Bond protects the clients by reimbursing the client for a service if they never received it. They are also protected against fraud or theft from employees of the business.   

Yes, General Liability Insurance protects your assets against a variety of claims for alleged negligence or wrongdoing by your Cleaning Company. Your cleaning company should have a minimum of $1,000,000 of general liability insurance. 

Yes, Automobile Liability Insurance protects people
and property from accidents that occur involving your
cleaning company’s auto fleet as they come and go from your business. Requiring your cleaning company to have a Commercial Auto Insurance Policy helps protect the assets of your company.