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Quick Clean Commercial understands:

     Higher education is facing a MIRIAD of difficult challenges: increasing drop ouut rates, increasing tuition, competition from online education, etc.  Quick Clean's goal is through good communication, quality service and integrity, maintain your facilitiy while you concentrate on meeting conquering any challenge that may come to your desk. 

Why Quick Clean Commercial's service is important? 


  • School environments are healthier when they are kept clean and well maintained.
  • Unsanitary conditions attract insects and vermin, and irritants and allergens found in dust and dirt can have a negative impact on student health and performance in schools.
  • Indoor air pollutants and allergens related to poor cleaning practices contribute to increased respiratory and asthma symptoms among children and adults.
  • Regular and thorough cleaning and building maintenance can prevent pest problems, minimize irritants and allergens and create healthier learning and working environments for children and staff 

      According to the CDC, asthma is one of the leading causes of school absenteeism, resulting in nearly 14 million missed school days annually nationwide. Regular and thorough cleaning and building maintenance can prevent pest problems, minimize irritants and allergens, and create healthier learning and working environments for children and staff. 


     Choosing the right cleaning products and practices is critical for maintaining a healthy school environment and protecting the health of children and staff. The chemicals found in some cleaning products can cause health problems, including eye, nose, and throat irritation and headaches, and in some cases can trigger asthma attacks. Using green cleaning products and practices can help to avoid these health effects, improve indoor air quality, and increase the lifespan of facilities.

Maintaining the school facility is just as important as routine cleaning to ensure a healthy environment for children and staff. A regular inspection program can identify problems before they impact the school environment and the occupants' health. School building maintenance protocols should address the entire building infrastructure: the foundation, exterior and interior walls, windows and doors, and roofing.

Quick Clean Commercial Keeps You Informed: 


Review the school's current cleaning and maintenance practices and verify the following actions are routinely taken:

  • For cleaning:
    • Schedule routine cleaning when the building is unoccupied.
    • Read and follow product labels.
    • Use only the amount of product suggested on the label.
    • Use proper equipment to perform cleaning tasks.
    • Ensure cleaning products are inaccessible to students.
    • Maintain an up-to-date inventory of all cleaning products used.
    • Keep copies of Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) for all cleaning products in an accessible location.
    • Clean and remove dust from hard, impermeable surfaces with a water-dampened cloth.
    • Wipe up paint chips with a wet sponge or rag.
    • Vacuum using high-efficiency vacuums and filters (e.g., high efficiency particulate air filters).
    • Ensure garbage is stored in appropriate containers and disposed of properly at the end of each day.
    • Purchase and use walk-off mats at building entrances to reduce the amount of dust and soil tracked into school buildings.
    • Conduct thorough cleaning of kitchens, cafeterias, and other food use areas.
    • Reduce clutter, such as excess paper or plush toys, which collect dust and allergens and prevent thorough cleaning.
  • For maintenance:
    • Caulk all windows and door frames, and seal any joints.
    • Monitor the interior of the roof for water damage.
    • Inspect windows and doors for physical damage and improper seals.
    • Ensure all windows and doors are functioning properly.
    • Check weather-stripping and replace as needed.
    • Inspect the foundation for cracks, decay, and water infiltration.
    • Inspect exterior plywood for cracks, decay, and water damage.
    • Cut back overgrown vegetation near exterior walls.
    • Inspect ceilings and duct work for deteriorating tiles and heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) lining, as well as loose insulation. 

While servicing your facility our members will take note of maintenance issues and report this information to the customer. 

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